The Community Service Committee is committed to empowering families to succeed.  Today’s children represent the first generation to grow up entirely in a digital world.  This new world is placing strains on families.  Many children struggle with addiction to the Internet and social media, often times leading to depression and anxiety. This year’s team will plan and pilot a “Lunch and Learn” workshop at Marietta Middle School.  Team members will train parents how to understand the technology their kids are using today and how to manage some of the troubling issues that can arise.   We will focus on making parents aware of current statistics; helping them to understand through exploration and expert tips how to communicate with their children about making the safest possible decisions when using technology; and demonstrating action steps parents can take to keep their children safe.  As a deliverable, the committee will pass on their workshop materials and resource information for future replication within other schools.


Project Director: Chelsea Bargallo - Marietta City Schools


Current Members: 

Chinita Allen, Cobb County Schools
Chelsea Bargallo, Marietta City Schools
Caitlin Barton, Chattahoochee Technical College
Kristie Bryan, Cobb County Schools
Donna Nall, Cobb County Schools
Tim O'Connell, Marietta City Schools
Chi Zhang, Kennesaw State University