Welcome to the CEC! 

Your President or Superintendent has selected you through a competitive process to participate in the Consortium.  We know you’ll agree that it’s an honor to be chosen!  Now you are probably wondering, “What’s next?”  “What does the CEC do?”  “What is expected of me?”  Rest assured that we are here to answer all of your questions.  Feel free to contact the project director, Sonya Fowler, at sfowler@kennesaw.edu or 470-578-6482 at any time.

Below are the “Top Twenty” pointers that will get you started on your journey with the CEC.  So, congratulations!  We anticipate a very productive and rewarding first year as you develop your leadership skills and make new, lifelong friendships. 

Top 20 pointers for new leadership members

  1. The “Kick-Off Reception” is where you will learn all about the CEC and what will be expected of you.

  2. The CEC Leadership Academy is now in its 26th year!

  3. Our member institutions represent all of the public school entities in Cobb County (Cobb County Schools, Marietta City Schools, Chattahoochee Technical College, Georgia Highlands College, and Kennesaw State University)

  4. You need to know that the 3-day retreat to Toccoa in November is mandatory (no exceptions).  If you can’t leave with the group and attend all 3 days, you need to wait until another time to join the CEC.

  5. We have two staff members—Dr. Cheshier (lovingly referred to as Dr. C) as our Executive Director and Sonya Fowler, who is the project director and your first contact point for all things CEC.

  6. We also have a Steering Committee of alumni members who plan all of your events.  Get to know them!  They are amazing!

  7. Our board of directors are the Presidents and Superintendents at your institutions.  Get to know them, too!  They are also amazing!

  8. This is a two-year commitment.

  9. Year one is all about leadership training through workshops, retreats, and other activities.

  10. You will on average have one CEC event per month.

  11. During your second year, you will work in a group on a project that will benefit education in our area.

  12. Your President or Superintendent has selected you and supports and expects your full participation at all events (attendance is critical).

  13. Getting subs will not be a problem.  Check with Sonya or your central office for proper codes.

  14. This is a unique collaborative, focusing on networking and learning about all of the different types of institutions in Cobb County.

  15. The CEC office is located on KSU’s campus in the Continuing Education Building on Busbee Drive.  We are in Suite 125.  Come visit!

  16. Many of your events will be in this same building.  Parking is a dream!

  17. If we have an event off campus, we will supply charter buses to transport the group.

  18. No, you may not have a private room at the retreat.  :)

  19. Yes, you will have a blast at the retreat!

  20. After two years, we guarantee that you will leave us with a full heart, a wealth of knowledge about education in our area, and a bunch a friends that you will keep forever!