The mission of the Post-Secondary Committee is to promote the new male initiative being developed at Georgia Highlands College.  The group plans to research and present current trends, programs, and activities for the new cohort to consider as they move forward with the initial stages of development.  Also, the committee will design a logo, a calendar, a brochure, and a website that will highlight this group for prospective and current students at Georgia Highlands.  The student body at GHC currently is predominately female; therefore, it is hoped that through this marketing campaign, all men regardless of race or nationality will be made aware of the advantages and opportunities awaiting them at Georgia Highlands College.


Project Director: Arvin Johnson, Kennesaw State University


Current Members:

Monica Alicea, Cobb County Schools
Arvin Johnson, Kennesaw State University
Svetlana Peltsverger, Kennesaw State University
Tonya Polk, Cobb County Schools
Cathy Smith, Kennesaw State University
Dominique Terens, Cobb County Schools
Tyler Wilson, Georgia Highlands