K-12 Project (2017-2018):

The K-12 Committee group provided a professional development opportunity to selected teachers (new and veteran) at Lindley Middle School on the topic of “Effective Deescalating Strategies.”  Selected teachers received an interactive 2-hour session, based on the work of Eric Jensen and Ruby Payne, utilizing communication skills to disarm and deescalate student situations.  Through the use of verbal judo and effective interpersonal communication, teachers engaged in role play and real scenarios to practice their newly acquired skills, with immediate feedback from the trainers.  The workshop provided these teachers with strategies for positive, relational communication to promote a distraction-free learning environment and maximize student learning.

Post-Secondary Project (2017-2018):

The Post-Secondary Committee worked with strong student leadership to establish a “First-Gen” club at Kennesaw State University, with the goal of providing support, resources, and encouragement to first-generation students at all of the CEC institutions.  The committee supported existing first-gen students by providing them with key information, motivation and opportunities to establish relationships with other first-gen students and first-gen faculty mentors.   The group encouraged potential first-generation high school students to attend college by visiting a local high school and presenting a series of first-hand testimonies/life stories from those who are at different stages of life (e.g. current college students, recent graduates, those of high prominence).

Community Service Project (2017-2018):

The Community Service Committee collaborated with Youth Empowerment through Learning, Leading, and Serving (“Yells”), a local organization that helps kindergarten through high school students build leadership skills and foster positive citizenship by having them participate in innovative programs that combine mentorship, character development, academic achievement, community involvement, and service learning.  The committee planned a half-day workshop where the members mentored and trained these youth to become future leaders by providing education on leadership and civic engagement.The workshop was highly interactive and consisted of skill building in the areas of teamwork, communication, collaborative thinking, and goal setting.The group provided incentives for the kids to participate, including food and takeaways.As a deliverable to the agency, the committee passed on their training materials and resource information for future replication with other cohorts of students.