The CEC itself is the answer to that question!  The Consortium is an Educational/Leadership Collaborative of all public educational institutions in Cobb County, Georgia, that:

  • Unites local educational professionals across disciplines and roles into working groups that collaborate to improve education for all constituents.

  • Connects diverse institutions into a learning community where strategies are shared, goals are attained, and positive outcomes are celebrated.

  • Fosters a collegial network of faculty and staff from our schools, colleges and universities that breaks down boundaries, strengthens cooperation, and builds lifelong friendships.

  • Facilitates academic articulation among programs and disciplines and promotes student life and community involvement opportunities among the different member institutions.

  • Creates and implements professional development leadership activities and events for the members.

  • Encourages and supports a seamless, lifelong learning environment from Kindergarten through the Ph.D. level--all without leaving Cobb County!